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Be afraid events people

Somewhat stupidly I should have blogged about this event weeks ago, instead I've got out of the habit of blogging of late but a deluge of tweets in my stream telling me who has been nominated for a shorty this year has spurred me into writing action and given me the kick up the arse that I truly needed.

I am the proudest boss in bossdom

As 500 revellers still recover (myself included) from what was the most anticipated weekend of the year for us IAS'ers, it's safe to say that the IAStival was well worth the wait - and the inevitable hangover that resulted!

Re-live IAStival

As IAS B2B Marketing starts to return to normal busy schedule, it is obvious it's a weekend no one will forget in a hurry, and here is why.

Food Glorious Food

The peeps at PeaceCake Cafe - led by avid festival foodie Selma - are providing the weekend's catering. The team's culinary international delights will be dished up from breakfast through to late evening, offering even the choosiest of campers a scrummy and reasonably priced pit stop...

Under the skin of Sunshine Underground

Just days away from the IAStival, we are soon to be graced with the presence of huge musical talents from all over the country, including The Sunshine Underground. I spoke to Craig from the band about what the have been up to, their new album and his best festival memories...


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