The Baby Factory

It's been a long time since the meteoric rise and catastrophic fall of The Adventure Babies, a story steeped in the traditions of British indie-pop topped off with a bizarre twist of Factory Records élan. I've never documented the story of the origins of the band nigh on 20 years ago, now I'm going to.

To set the scene, firstly, I considered myself a surfer at the time, and spent every waking moment of free time chasing up, down and across the country whenever and wherever there were waves. In between, I got my first job at a computer company in Warrington and started to share lifts to and from work with a guy there called Matt. He was from Stafford, a place I'd never heard of; there were no surf breaks that far inland.We began to knock about, and started to fuse together both our sets of mates, friends and various reprobates. Big Manchester nights were had, massive benders in Stafford, trips to the coast, and a particularly strange all-nighter on a narrow boat on the Staffordshire canal. Jokingly we said it was such a good night we ought to write a song about it.

The story unfolds via a make believe Twitter stream.

Amazing thing today, Matt got out a Casio keyboard his mum had got him for Xmas, he's started a song about that mad night on the canal.

adventurebaby 10/06/90 19.33

Love the opening line 'It's work on Monday morning, my head will not be straight, can't stop and I cant slow down, my God it's awful late'

adventurebaby 10/06/90 19.46

Matt's got Davie Ath(erton) to add some more music to the song, he's a proper good guitarist, bit rocky for my tastes tho - 8 min song now

adventurebaby 16/06/90 12.11

Haha Matt's gone and booked a weekend at a recording studio in Wolvo. Brilliant excuse for a party

adventurebaby 24/06/90 21.23

What a weekend met Phil this bonkers electronic pop nutter & programmer. Recorded the song, we've called it 'Long Night, Narrow Boat'

adventurebaby 01/07/90 00.08

There's bloody new tunes falling out of Matt & Davie Ath at the moment. Me and Matt doing the ideas and lyrics.

adventurebaby 29/08/90 23.18

Off to Wolvo to record a couple more songs, Camper Van and Adventure Baby, Davie Ath's g/friend Maxine doing some backing vocals. She's hot BTW.

adventurebaby 08/09/90 07.45

More recording we're gonna do 3 songs this weekend, it's a right laugh!

adventurebaby 09/10/90 20.33

The demo tape, has arrived, fucking brilliant, 11 of the best songs I've heard, better than this baggy stuff on the radio. Decided on a name, The Adventure Babies

adventurebaby 12/03/91 01.23

Haha unbelievable, a bloke called Danny (sound eng @ Free Trade Hall) got hold of a copy of demo tape says he wants to be our manager WTF?

adventurebaby 27/04/91 15.56

Things are getting weird been told the demo's with Phil Saxe (A&R guy) at Factory Records. They're cool - Joy Div, new Order, Hac etc.

adventurebaby 29/04/91 21.35

@adventurebaby Phil Saxe loves the demo, Tony Wilson loves the demo, Alan Erasmus Loves the demo, even Sean fucking Ryder loves the demo!!

Danny_manager 30/04/91 17.43

@adventurebaby Err... Tony Wilson wants to see you live.

Danny_manager 30/04/91 17.45

We aren't a band, never played live, not even in the studio, most of the music is programmed. Aaargh what do we do? Matt says 'we'll do it'

adventurebaby 30/04/91 19.56


Oh shit all sorted we're gonna do a gig in Danny's front room on Sunday

adventurebaby 01/05/91 18.21


Matt and Davie Ath have got a few mates to help out Richie Hall (Bass), Eddie (guitar), Roger (Drums) Of course there's Phil, Max & me too

adventurebaby 01/05/91 19.01

I think I'll just dance and shake a tambo

adventurebaby 01/05/91 19.04


Been rehearsing like fuck for 3 hours, loads of people have turned-up bought the beer, good atmosphere

adventurebaby 05/05/91 12.48

A very nice dark grey Jaguar just pulled-up outside, saw it through the net curtains. It's Wilson, his missus (ex-beauty queen) & Phil Saxe

adventurebaby 05/05/91 15.29

We played, we sang, we danced Tony sat cross legged on the floor, big smile. Says we're fantastic or something like that he's gone now

adventurebaby 05/05/91 15.29

Just got a call from Danny - The Adventure Babies are the only thing on the agenda of Factory's board meeting tomorrow!

adventurebaby 06/05/91 18.42

my heart just stopped, started again, raced then murmured, my insides did a loop da loop, me and Matt in utter shock, grinning like idiots.

adventurebaby 06/05/91 18.46

@adventurebaby Fucking hell!!!, they want to sign the band, 4 album deal £150,000 advance, full artistic control.

Danny_manager 07/05/91 15.12


adventurebaby 07/05/91 15.21


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You are a little bit cooler in my opinion now!
Love it! What a great story, my favourite quote being "I think I'll just dance and shake a tambo"
I like this but feel like we've had the rise of The Adventure Babies. Id like to know what happened next....
lurved the gig on the 10th!!!! :-D you were all gr8 and it wuz fantastic as my first festival ever! i tell you i nearly murdered dad when he kept on playing the same song Hello Here We Go over and over again while he was practicing!! :) ah well it was soooo worth it. I soo enjoyed jez's dancing and you were all so talented, such good company and are all a good laugh!!!
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