Who are Jeramiah Ferrari?

So a week has passed since our epic battle of the bands took place at the Night and Day in Manchester. The best band seemed to have been saved for last as Jeramiah Ferrari stole the show at the end of the night. All the contenders put up a good fight but Zap Zap Zap, The Lazy Maybees and The Joint just missed out on the slot on the main stage at the IAStival. The judges, Geo, Rueben and Tamsin, took into consideration the time that the battle of the bands winner would be playing, which is an afternoon slot, and I have to agree that Jeramiah Ferrari will be brilliant for warming up the crowd with their funky upbeat sounds. But who is the latest band who will be joining the line-up? What can people expect from a Jeramiah Ferrari's performance? And how do Jeramiah Ferrari feel about being part of the first festival to be run by an agency?

For those of you who don't know, Jeramiah Ferrari are a punk reggae band consisting of Ryan Paul Mario Barton on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Hanson Pollitt on backing vocals and bass, Joshua Aitchison on lead guitar and Stuart Welch on the drums. The local Manchester band has been going since May last year and started out in a local practice room and have spread from there ever since.

When asking the band about their influences their sound they said "We are massively influenced by Bob Marley and we're big fans of dub reggae artists. We also come from a strong rock and punk background and the rock and reggae influences were really combined when we were introduced to the band Sublime, who we have massive respect for." I also asked them how they felt after winning the battle of the band, "We feel great since winning the botb at night and day cafe! It was the second botb we'd entered since starting the band and the first had left us a tad bitter to say the least. It was a great boost for us, around an hour before the botb we'd played a short set at Gullivers two minutes down the road to no more than 10 people. It was our 7th gig in 7 days, we were tired and our hopes weren't too high to be honest. So to walk out winners at such a great venue against so many talented acts was just what we needed."

Jeramiah Ferrari have recently launched The Cactus Killer EP and their first single Mighty Sparrow. Their performance at the Night and Day cafe felt like a taster of what we can expect at the IAStival and I don't think we will be disappointed. These guys are one to watch and skank to at the IAStival!

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Don't miss Jeramiah Ferrari on Saturday afternoon at IAStival.

These guys are guaranteed to get the crowd warmed up. Cant wait!
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It was the second botb we'd entered since starting the band and the first had left us a tad bitter to say the least.

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