Legendary DJ Dave Haslam added to the IAStival line up

Legendary DJ, Author & Journalist extraordinaire Dave Haslam, who famously DJ'd over 450 times at Manchester's infamous Hacienda club, throughout the 'Madchester' years in the late 1980's, is the latest addition to the ground-breaking IAStival line-up.

Despite making his reputation DJ-ing at the re-known Hacienda club (which thanks to Dave, was described by 'NME' as "the best club night in Britain" in 1989) he has also opened gigs for a host of bands - including the Stone Roses and New Order.

Haslam's philosophy of 'playing the best records ever made one after the other', has seen him DJ across the globe, in places such as Paris, Detroit, and Ibiza, as well as play a host of after-parties for the likes of New Order, The Gorillaz, and Depeche Mode.

On top of his DJ exploits, he also found time to write for the 'NME', 'The Face' and 'The Guardian', and has published three books, including 'Manchester, England; the Story of the Pop Cult City'.

The conformation of Dave Haslam's attendance to the IAStival has created a distinctive buzz of excitement around the IAS office. The addition of such an established and world famous act is not only proof that IAS employees are taking the festival very seriously, but also promotes the success of the IAStival so far.

IAS MD Rob Morrice commented: "We're quite frankly, ecstatic about getting Dave Haslam on board for what is sure to be one hell of a weekend. His name on the line up is yet again a statement that here at IAS we don't do things conventionally - we strive for nothing but the best as pioneers for all things B2B."

If that's simply not enough for you, here's some other interesting trivia about Haslam:

• Sonic Youth have slept on his floor

• Tony Wilson threatened to shoot him

• He's cooked cauliflower cheese for Morrissey

• He's created an installation for an art exhibition in Berlin

• Neil & Chris from the Pet Shop Boys introduced him to Tracey Emin

• Johnny Bramwell from I Am Kloot said he wanted to marry him

• He's appeared in the film '24 Hour Party People' (playing himself)

• He's featured on a panel on BBC1 North West's 'Politics Show'

• Contributed to dozens of TV and radio shows including Channel 4's 'Pump Up the Volume' and BBC2/VH1's 'Seven Ages of Rock' documentaries

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12 comments for “Legendary DJ Dave Haslam added to the IAStival line up”

"He's cooked cauliflower cheese for Morrissey" - I love this random fact about Dave Haslam. It also doesn't surprise me as Dave seems like an all round nice guy whenever we speak to him regarding IAStival.

Not only has this world class DJ agreed to perform as our support act on Saturday night, he is also going to perform his memoirs in the acoustic tent.

This is something not to be missed! Dave Haslam is definitely one to watch at IAStival!

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