Let battle commence!

After weeks of anticipation, the Battle of the Bands had finally arrived and the final four: The Lazy Maybees, Zap Zap Zap, The Joint & Jeramiah Ferrari were ready to battle it out to secure a spot on the line-up of this summer's hottest festival - The IAStival!

After a brief sound check and a quick furniture re-arrangement, George, Reuben & Tamsin - the esteemed panel threw on their judging caps and battle was well & truly ready to commence!

The Lazy Maybees took to the stage to kick things off - well... just the one Lazy Maybee did, as the other 2 members of the band were broken down, stranded half way down the M6. But nonetheless, as they say in showbiz, 'the show must go on!' and Lee Harrison took to the stage to perform a number of acoustic tracks which drew in the crowd from outside along with a number of passersby on what was very strangely - a sunny day in Manchester.

Macc's own Zap Zap Zap - the youngest entrants to the competition then took to the stage to perform a number of tracks and were followed by another local band The Joint. Both staked their claim to win the treasured opportunity to perform alongside the likes of Turin Brakes, Sunshine Underground and Emelle at The IAStival.

Three acts down and one to go. The crowd eagerly awaited the arrival of the last act who were coming straight from a gig across town. A firm favourite in the office prior to the night, Manchester based reggae band Jeramiah Ferrari then took to the stage instantly drawing a response from the crowd, and after smashing out a number of tracks, finished with 'No Booty' which went down a storm.

All acts had now done their bit and eagerly awaited the big decision; the judges were giving nothing away - besides some free drinks on the company credit card! - and after a short deliberation the winner was announced....

Jeramiah Ferrari had well and truly stolen the show and were rightfully announced as the winner, taking to the stage to be awarded a bottle of champagne and a certificate granting them access to perform at the hottest ticket in town - The IAStival!

Taylor & The Mason, already confirmed at the festival  then took to the stage to treat the crowd to a taste of what is to come at the IAStival come September. After which, IAS's own DJ Ben Eco then took to the decks to showcase his talents on what was a night to remember - or forget if by any chance your name is Colin Talbot and chose to park your car in a bus lane!

A special thanks goes to Night and Day for hosting the night, all those that attended and those that performed. A special mention must be made for Tamsin who not only sat on the judging panel but also expertly introduced each of the four acts.

Bring on The IAStival!

To have a listen to Jeramiah Ferrari's latest tracks visit:

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11 comments for “Let battle commence!”

It was brilliant! A tad on the quiet side to begin with but thanks to Dave's genius idea of moving the tables to the centre of the room, it quickly looked, and got, much busier.

All four bands were excellent, especially Lee who came and did an acoustic set on his own as the rest of his band weren't able to make it.

However, the winners, Jeramiah Ferrari really got the crowd going and I can't wait to see them again at the festival!

Col, was only a matter of time before you got some stick for this one. Numpty :)
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